Monday, Sept. 10     Cosmic Acceleration Session 1 (UCAS S201, Chair: Albert Stebbins)
14:00--14:20 Error Analysis of Ia Supernova and Query on Cosmic Dark Energy
Qiuhe Peng (Nanjing U.)
14:20--14:40 Testing General Relativity and LCDM with clusters of galaxies, the CMB and galaxy clustering
David Rapetti (DARK, U. Copenhagen)
14:40--15:00 Observational tests of cosmic acceleration
Alireza Hojjati (Simon Fraser U.)
15:00--15:20 Chameleon cosmological constraints and degeneracies
Daniel Boriero (IFGW - UNICAMP)
15:20--15:40 Structure formation in a universe with dark energy clustering
Ole Bjaelde (Aarhus U.)
15:40--16:00 Cosmological constraints on the decomposed generalized Chaplygin gas model
Yuting Wang (Dalian U. Tech./U. Portsmouth)

Tuesday, Sept. 11     Cosmic Acceleration Session 2 (UCAS S201)
Chair: David Rapetti
14:00--14:20 Self accelerating universe from non-linear massive gravity
Chunshan Lin (Kavli IPMU)
14:20--14:40 Nonlinear instability of homogeneous and isotropic solutions in massive gravity
Emir Gumrukcuoglu (Kavli IPMU)
14:40--15:00 Massive Gravity on de Sitter and Unique Candidate for Partially Massless Gravity
S├ębastien Renaux-Petel (Inst. Lagrange, Paris)
15:00--15:20 Non-linear structure formation in a gradient expansion
Wessel Valkenburg (Leiden U.)
15:20--15:40 Vainshtein screening in a cosmological background in the most general second-order scalar-tensor theory
Rampei Kimura (Hiroshima U.)
15:40--16:00 f(R) gravity and eV-mass sterile neutrinos
Hayato Motohashi (RESCEU, U. Tokyo)
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Ronggen Cai
16:30--16:50 Nonlinear Perturbations in a Nonsingular Bounce
BingKan Xue (Princeton U.)
16:50--17:10 Natural Dark Energy from Lorentz Breaking
Blas Diego (CERN)
17:10--17:30 Cleaning up the cosmological constant
Antonio Padilla (U. Nottingham)
17:30--17:50 Disformally coupled quintessence
Tomi Koivisto (ITA, Oslo)
17:50--18:10 Cosmological pertrubations in k-essence model revised
Jiro Matsumoto (Nagoya U.)