Monday, Sept. 10    String Cosmology (UCAS S204, Chair: Matt Kleban)
14:00--14:20 The tachyon unified model: a really universe-like brane
Huiquan Li (USTC)
14:20--14:40 Warped de Sitter solutions in the higher-dimensional gravity
Masato Minamitsuji (YITP)
14:40--15:00 Gravitational wave signals of extra dimensions
Ruth Gregory (Durham U.)
15:00--15:20 Gravitational Waves and Kaluza-Klein Modes from Cosmic Super-Strings
Jean-Francois Dufaux (APC, CNRS/U. Paris 7)
15:20--15:40 Correlation between cosmic strings, extra neutrino species and gravity waves
Jon Urrestilla (U. Basque Country)
15:40--16:00 Forecast constraints on cosmic string parameters from gravitational wave direct detection experiments
Koichi Miyamoto (ICRR, U. Tokyo)

Monday, Sept. 10     Inflation Session 1 (UCAS S204, Chair: Shinji Mukohyama)
16:30--16:50 Higgs Thermal Inflation and the Mu-Term
Mark Hindmarsh (U. Sussex)
16:50--17:10 Effective Action for the Abelian Higgs Model in An Expanding Universe
Marieke Postma (Nikhef)
17:10--17:30 Non-Abelian Gauge Field Inflation
Azadeh Malek-Nejad (IPM)
17:30--17:50 No-Boundary Measure and Preference of Larger e-Foldings by Multi-Fields
Soo A Kim (APCTP)
17:50--18:10 A Geometric Bound on F-Term Inflation
Ivonne Zavala (U. Groningen)
18:10--18:30 Reconstruction of a Nonminimal Coupling Theory with Scale-invariant Power spectrum
Taotao Qiu (LeCosPA, NTU)

Monday, Sept. 10     Dark Matter & Relics Session 1 (KITPC 6620)
Chair: Kaixuan Ni
14:00--14:20 Dark Matter Results from the XENON100 Experiment
Fei Gao (SJTU)
14:20--14:40 Strong Evidence for Gamma-ray Line Emission from the Inner Galaxy
Meng Su (Harvard/MIT)
14:40--15:00 A tentative gamma-ray line from dark matter annihilation at the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Christoph Weniger (MPI Physics, Munchen)
15:00--15:20 Remarks on two gamma ray lines from the inner galaxy
Ichiro Oda (U. Ryukyus)
15:20--15:40 What astrophysics and cosmology tell us about dark matter properties
Oleg Ruchayskiy (CERN)
15:40--16:00 Indirect dark matter searches in N-body simulations
Emmanuel Nezri
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Xiaojun Bi
16:30--16:50 Detection of keV scale neutrino dark matter in the universe
Wei Liao (ECUST)
16:50--17:10 The gradient expansion as a model for non-linear clustering
Cornelius Rampf (RWTH Aachen)
17:10--17:30 The effect of quark interactions on dark matter kinetic decoupling and the smallest dark halos
Kenji Kadota (Nagoya U.)
17:30--17:50 Primordial black hole formation from an axion-type curvaton model
Naoya Kitajima (U. Tokyo)
17:50--18:10 On the dissipation of the dark matter
Hermano Velten (Bielefeld U/UFES)

Monday, Sept. 10     Cosmic Acceleration Session 1 (UCAS S201, Chair: Albert Stebbins)
14:00--14:20 Error Analysis of Ia Supernova and Query on Cosmic Dark Energy
Qiuhe Peng (Nanjing U.)
14:20--14:40 Testing General Relativity and LCDM with clusters of galaxies, the CMB and galaxy clustering
David Rapetti (DARK, U. Copenhagen)
14:40--15:00 Observational tests of cosmic acceleration
Alireza Hojjati (Simon Fraser U.)
15:00--15:20 Chameleon cosmological constraints and degeneracies
Daniel Boriero (IFGW - UNICAMP)
15:20--15:40 Structure formation in a universe with dark energy clustering
Ole Bjaelde (Aarhus U.)
15:40--16:00 Cosmological constraints on the decomposed generalized Chaplygin gas model
Yuting Wang (Dalian U. Tech./U. Portsmouth)

Monday, Sept. 10     Cosmic Probes Session 1 (UCAS S201, Chair: Martin Kunz)
16:30--16:50 21cm intensity mapping as a probe of cosmology
Xuelei Chen (NAOC)
16:50--17:10 Intensity Mapping of the [CII] Fine Structure Line during the Epoch of Reionization
Yan Gong (UCI)
17:10--17:30 21cm radiation from minihalos as a probe of small primordial non-Gaussianity
Siri Chongchitnan (Abertay Dundee)
17:30--17:50 Probing dark interactions
Valeria Pettorino (Geneva)
17:50--18:10 Neutrino properties from future galaxy surveys
Jan Hamann (Aarhus U.)

Tuesday, Sept. 11     Inflation Session 2 (UCAS S101)
Chair: Yunsong Piao
14:00--14:20 Multiple Cosmic Collisions and the CMB
Jonathan Kozaczuk (UCSC)
14:20--14:40 Multiple Inflationary Stages with Varying Equation of State
Mohammad Hossein Namjoo (IPM/YITP)
14:40--15:00 Primordial black holes as a tool for constraining non-Gaussianity
Christian Byrnes (CERN)
15:00--15:20 Induced Gravitational Waves From Inflation
Laila Alabidi (YITP)
15:20--15:40 Gravitational waves produced by fermions
Tuukka Meriniemi (U. Helsinki)
15:40--16:00 Particle Production and Vacuum Selection with Higher Dimensional Operator
Seishi Enomoto (Nagoya U.)
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Gianmassimo Tasinato
16:30--16:50 Metric perturbation from inflationary magnetic field and generic bound on inflation models
Teruaki Suyama (U. Tokyo)
16:50--17:10 Universal upper limit on inflation scale from cosmic magnetic field
Shinji Mukohyama (Kavli IPMU)
17:10--17:30 Uniqueness of the gauge invariant action for cosmological perturbations
Jan Weenink (Utrecht U.)
17:30--17:50 A backward formalism for multi-field inflation
Lingfei Wang (Lancaster U.)

Tuesday, Sept. 11     Dark Matter & Relics Session 2 (KITPC 6620)
Chair: Yufeng Zhou
14:00--14:20 Visible and dark matter from a first-order phase transition in a baryon-symmetric universe
Raymond Volkas (U. Melbourne)
14:20--14:40 Affleck-Dine dynamics in gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking
Kalliopi Petraki (U. Melbourne)
14:40--15:00 Neutrinos as the Origin of Dark and Baryonic Matter
Marco Drewes (Tech. U. Munchen)
15:00--15:20 Left-right symmetric model with a keV-scale dark matter candidate
Alexander Kartavtsev (MPI Nuclear Physics)
15:20--15:40 Bose-Einstein Condensate Dark Matter Phase Transition from the Symmetry Breaking of λΦ^4 One-loop Contributions
Abril Suaez (Cinvestav)
15:40--16:00 Exact Solution to Finite Temperature SFDM: Natural Cores without Feedback
Victor Hugo Robles Sanchez
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Mikhail Shaposhnikov
16:30--16:50 Evolution of magnetic fields, chiral anomalies and lepton asymmetry
Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden U.)
16:50--17:10 Electroweak Baryogenesis in the MSSM with light neutralinos
Germano Nardini (U. Bielefeld)
17:10--17:30 Non-Equilibrium Field Theory Approach to Leptogenesis
Bjorn Garbrecht (RWTH Aachen)
17:30--17:50 Temperature Dependence of Standard Model CP Violation
Olli Taanila (Bielefeld U.)
17:50--18:10 Axion production from topological defects
Ken'ichi Saikawa (ICRR, U. Tokyo)

Tuesday, Sept. 11     Cosmic Acceleration Session 2 (UCAS S201)
Chair: David Rapetti
14:00--14:20 Self accelerating universe from non-linear massive gravity
Chunshan Lin (Kavli IPMU)
14:20--14:40 Nonlinear instability of homogeneous and isotropic solutions in massive gravity
Emir Gumrukcuoglu (Kavli IPMU)
14:40--15:00 Massive Gravity on de Sitter and Unique Candidate for Partially Massless Gravity
Sébastien Renaux-Petel (Inst. Lagrange, Paris)
15:00--15:20 Non-linear structure formation in a gradient expansion
Wessel Valkenburg (Leiden U.)
15:20--15:40 Vainshtein screening in a cosmological background in the most general second-order scalar-tensor theory
Rampei Kimura (Hiroshima U.)
15:40--16:00 f(R) gravity and eV-mass sterile neutrinos
Hayato Motohashi (RESCEU, U. Tokyo)
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Ronggen Cai
16:30--16:50 Nonlinear Perturbations in a Nonsingular Bounce
BingKan Xue (Princeton U.)
16:50--17:10 Natural Dark Energy from Lorentz Breaking
Blas Diego (CERN)
17:10--17:30 Cleaning up the cosmological constant
Antonio Padilla (U. Nottingham)
17:30--17:50 Disformally coupled quintessence
Tomi Koivisto (ITA, Oslo)
17:50--18:10 Cosmological pertrubations in k-essence model revised
Jiro Matsumoto (Nagoya U.)

Tuesday, Sept. 11     CMB Session (KITPC 6420)
Chair: Scott Dodelson
14:00--14:20 Second Order Perturbations of the CMB
Christian Fidler (ICG, U. Portsmouth)
14:20--14:40 Second order Boltzman code and CMB Bispectrum
Zhiqi Huang (CEA/Saclay)
14:40--15:00 Planck Era Black Hole Remnants and CMB Quadrupole Anomaly
Pisin Chen (LeCosPA, NTU)
15:00--15:20 Exploring the origin of the fine structures in the CMB temperature angular power spectrum
Kohei Kumazaki (Nagoya U.)
15:20--15:40 Parity violation of gravitons in the CMB bispectrum
Maresuke Shiraishi (Nagoya U.)

Thursday, Sept. 13     Inflation Session 3 (UCAS S101)
Chair: Qingguo Huang
14:00--14:20 Higgs condensation as an unwanted curvaton
Jun'ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU, U. Tokyo)
14:20--14:40 Curvaton induced modulated reheating
Osamu Seto (Hokkai-Gakuen U.)
14:40--15:00 Local non-Gaussianity from rapidly varying sound speeds
Jon Emery (ICG, U. Portsmouth)
15:00--15:20 Inhomogenous non-Gaussianity
Gianmassimo Tasinato (ICG, U. Portsmouth)
15:20--15:40 Strong scale dependent bispectrum in the Starobinsky model of inflation
Frederico Arroja (IEU, Ewha Womans U.)
15:40--16:00 Observable non-gaussianity and gravity waves from particle production during inflation
Ryo Namba (U. Minnesota)
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Mark Hindmarsh
16:30--16:50 Anomalous High Energy Dependence in Inflationary Density Perturbations
Yi Wang (McGill U.)
16:50--17:10 Influence of heavy modes on perturbations in multiple field inflation
Xian Gao (APC, U. Paris 7)
17:10--17:30 Investigation of multi-field DBI inflation
Taichi Kidani (ICG, U. Portsmouth)
17:30--17:50 Stochastic approach to flat and non-flat systems in inflationary universe
Tomohiro Takesako (ICRR, U. Tokyo)
17:50--18:10 Anisotropic Inflation
Razieh Emami Meibody (Inst. Res. Fundamental Sciences)

Thursday, Sept. 13     Cosmic Probes Session 2 (UCAS S201)
Chair: Eric Linder
14:00--14:20 Strong gravitational lenses as standard rulers in cosmology
Marek Biesiada (U. Silesia)
14:20--14:40 Euclid and the quest for the dark energy
Martin Kunz (Geneva)
14:40--15:00 Impact of weak lensing bispectrum on cosmological parameter estimation
Masanori Sato (Nagoya U.)
15:00--15:20 Weak lensing generated by vector perturbations and detectability of cosmic strings
Daisuke Yamauchi (U. Tokyo)
15:20--15:40 Extraction of spectra out of redshift distortion maps
Yong-Seon Song (KASI)
15:40--16:00 Peculiar Velocity Decomposition, Redshift Space Distortion and Velocity Reconstruction in Redshift Surveys
Yi Zheng (SHAO)
16:00--16:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Valeria Pettorino
16:30--16:50 Understanding the Accelerating Universe
Gongbo Zhao (NAOC/Portsmouth)
16:50--17:10 The 3D galaxy correlation function and cosmic dust
Wenjuan Fang (UIUC)
17:10--17:30 Galaxy Clusters, non-Gaussianities and Eddington biases
Shaun Hotchkiss (U. Helsinki)
17:30--17:50 Dark radiation and generalized cosmological models
Viviana Niro (U. Barcelona)
17:50--18:10 Gravitational wave signal from massive gravity
Norihiro Tanahashi (UC Davis)