The abstract book is available here.

Sunday, Sept. 9, KITPC 3rd Floor Lobby
14:00--18:30 Registration                        
18:30--20:00 Reception
Monday, Sept. 10
Plenary Session (UCAS S201, Chair: Zhao-Xi Zhang)
9:00--9:10 Welcome Speech by UCAS Vice President Gang Su
9:10--9:20 Opening Remarks by COSMO Steering Cmte Chair Leszek Roszkowski
9:20--10:00 Dark Matter & Dark Energy Projects and Progress in China
Yueliang Wu (UCAS/KITPC/ITP)
10:00--10:40 Inflation & Tests
Leonardo Senatore (Stanford)
10:40--11:10 Group Photo & Coffee Break
11:10--11:50 Astrophysical Evidence for Dark Matter
Joel Primack (UCSC)
11:50--12:30 Dark Matter Candidates
Paolo Gondolo (Utah)
Parallel Sessions
14:00--18:30 String Cosmology (14:00--16:00, UCAS S204)
Inflation (16:30--18:30, UCAS S204)
Dark Matter (KITPC 6620)
Cosmic Acceleration (14:00--16:00, UCAS S201)
Cosmic Probes (16:30--18:30, UCAS S201)
Tuesday, Sept. 11
Plenary Session (UCAS S101, Chair: Leszek Roszkowski)
9:00--9:40 Recent Results from the Large Hadron Collider
Markus Elsing (CERN)
9:40--10:20 "Eternal" Inflation, and How It Ends
Matt Kleban (NYU)
10:20--10:50 Coffee Break
10:50--11:30 CMB Science in the Post-WMAP Era
Scott Dodelson (Chicago)
11:30--12:10 Axion or Axino Dark Matter in String Axiverse Scenario
Kiwoon Choi (KAIST)
Parallel Sessions
14:00--18:30 Inflation (UCAS S101)
Dark Matter (KITPC 6620)
Cosmic Acceleration (UCAS S201)
Cosmic Microwave Background (14:00--15:40, KITPC 6420)
Public Lecture (KITPC 6620)
19:30--20:30 Mysteries of the Dark Universe
Rocky Kolb (Chicago)
Wednesday, Sept. 12
Plenary Session (UCAS S101, Chair: Congfeng Qiao)
9:00--9:40 Dark Energy Research in China
Zuhui Fan (PKU)
9:40--10:20 Modified Gravity and Cosmology
Pedro Ferreira (Oxford)
10:20--10:50 Coffee Break
10:50--11:30 Baryo/Leptogenesis
Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL)
11:30--12:10 BBN and New Physics
Kazunori Kohri (KEK)
13:00--18:30 Excursion to the Great Wall. Bus leaving at 1pm from the UCAS gate.
18:45--20:45 Banquet at Beijing Friendship Hotel
Thursday, Sept. 13
Plenary Session (UCAS S101, Chair: Rocky Kolb)
9:00--9:40 Inflation and Particle/String Model Building
Nemanja Kaloper (UC Davis)
9:40--10:20 Primordial Non-Gaussianity from Inflation
David Wands (Portsmouth)
10:20--10:50 Coffee Break
10:50--11:30 Large-Scale Structure Observations & Simulations
Yipeng Jing (SHAO)
11:30--12:10 Cosmic Accleration Beyond Dark Energy
Albert Stebbins (Fermilab)
Parallel Sessions
14:00--18:30 Inflation (UCAS S101)
Cosmic Probes (UCAS S201)
Friday, Sept. 14
Plenary Session (UCAS S101, Chair: Charling Tao)
9:00--9:40 Recent Neutrino Oscillation Results and future
Jun Cao (IHEP)
9:40--10:20 Surveying Dark Energy
Eric Linder (Berkeley/LBL/EWU)
10:20--10:50 Coffee Break
10:50--11:30 Current and Future Constraints on Neutrinos from Large-Scale Structure
Steen Hannestad (Aarhus Univ)
11:30--12:10 Testing Neutralino Dark Matter
Y-L Sming Tsai (NCNR, Warsaw)
12:10--12:30 Concluding Remarks By Rocky Kolb (Chicago)
12:30--12:40 COSMO Announcement by Leszek Roszkowski (NCNR, Warsaw/Sheffield)

Parallel sessions by day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Paralles sessions by topic: String Cosmology, Inflation, Dark Matter & Relics, Cosmic Acceleration, Cosmic Probes, and Cosmic Microwave Background. All sessions