NAOC Summer School & Workshop 2011: Gravitational Lensing

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This program covers weak and strong gravitational lensing by galaxies, clusters, and the large-scale structure of the universe. The goal of the summer school is to familiarize students and junior researchers with the lensing technique and processes of turning raw observational data into science. We plan to have several lectures every day during the summer school and reserve some time for more discussions and interactions in several afternoons. Forefront research topics will be discussed during the workshop.

Program website:

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Program Schedule

7/23 (Sat) arrival & registration
7/24 -- 7/27 summer school I
7/28 (Thu) excursion
7/29 -- 7/30 workshop (talk slides)
7/31 -- 8/3 summer school II

Topics (with notes)

Background knowledge
Theoretical background (A. Heavens, 2 lectures)
Lensing basics (M. Bartelmann)
Observational background (D. Clowe)

Weak lensing
WL Theory (G. Bernstein)
CMB (M. Bartelmann)
Dark energy, gravity, etc. (A. Heavens)
Mass map (D. Clowe)
Other applications (D. Clowe)
Higher-order statistics (M. Takada)
Systematics (M. Takada)

Strong lensing
SL Theory (M. Bartelmann)
SL applications I. Density profiles (T. Treu)
SL inference (P. Marshall)
SL applications II. CDM subhalos and cosmic telescopes (T. Treu)
SL advanced models (P. Marshall)
SL applications III. Cosmography from lens time delays (T. Treu)
SL in Modified Gravity (H.S. Zhao)

Image reduction (D. Wittman)
Catalog generation (D. Wittman)
Shear measurement (G. Bernstein, 2 lectures)
Photo-zs (V. Margoniner)
Simulations (M. Takada)
Finding new strong lenses (P. Marshall)

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