Finding new strong lenses

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A Needle in Haystack Problem. Simple calculations of lensing cross/section abundances

  • lensing cross-section, optical depth
  • ingredients needed: mass function of lenses, mass model for lenses, luminosity function for sources, surface brightness model for sources, redshift distributions
  • results: dN/dm for lensed quasars, image separation distribution, quads and doubles.
  • go wide or go deep?

Ways of finding lenses:


  • Radio: CLASS: radio survey + VLA snapshot
  • Ground-based optical. SQLS, SL2S, LSST. Time domain.
  • Herschel: low resolution (unresolved) sub mm



Lens confirmation by modelling. Issues.

  • High resolution optical. HST archive

Purity, completeness, selection function.

Slides (PDF)

Questions? Email me at dr.phil.marshall at

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